5 Steps To Going Minimal


The transition to a new home can be one of the most stressful things humans endure. The best thing you can do for yourself is to declutter/pare down your possessions before you begin the process of making your home market ready. It is much easier on you and your family to get a handle on your belongings before your move, as opposed to unpacking boxes of unwanted items in your new home. And, if you're going to list your home while you're still residing in it, it is a must.

Going Minimal: Helpful Tips

1. It is crucial to go room by room and take a detailed assessment of everything you own and what you actually use every day.

2. If closets are mainly full of storage items, decide what actually needs to be kept. For the items that you don’t need easy access to, consider donating, storing, or throwing away.

3. For each item, try to ask yourself how valuable it is to you. Does this item bring meaning and joy to my life? If the answer is no, it’s time for it to go.

4. If the kitchen is bursting at the seams with every possible cooking gadget or appliance, determine what is used daily, or at most a few times a month. Donate or store the rest.

5. For clothing and other items that you still like, but never wear or use, create a pile for re-gifting! If the items are still in good condition, someone else may really love to have that beautiful scarf that only gets worn once a year because you live in Houston.


Once every room has been pared down, it's much easier for buyers to see the home and visualize the potential of each space. Once these tasks are complete, the home is now ready for staging. These two steps combined (paring down and staging) will ensure you're putting your best foot forward on day one of your listing.

by Andrée Guillory, Lead Stager, Reveal Home Staging