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Sweet Dreams

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There are few things more pleasing than falling into a comfortable and well-appointed bed at the end of a long day--or dare we say, even for a wonderfully self-indulgent afternoon nap? What can you do to make your bedroom a sanctuary of rest and respite?

Start with a quality box spring and mattress. Add a nicely-pressed bed skirt, and follow with a mattress pad. This can be anything from a simple cover, all the way to the other end of the spectrum: a fluffy down bed-topper, or meet in the middle with a nicely-padded cover or memory-foam pad. The choice is yours, depending upon if you prefer a cloud-like bed experience--soft and fluffy--or a more firm and supportive one. The nice thing is, by layering, you can find the right balance starting with a simple pad and adding as you wish, keeping in mind that the simple mattress pad will go on last.

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Next, find the highest quality sheets your budget will allow. It’s all about thread-count right? Well, to a degree, but thread-count really just refers to how many threads are woven per inch. Choosing at least a 200-thread count sheet is a good place to begin, though it is not the only thing to consider. The type of cotton is also a very important factor in this comfort equation. But with all the different choices on the market today, how do you really know which to choose? The most commonly found types are:

  • Combed cotton, a process which eliminates impurities and uses short, less desirable fibers.
  • Percale, a smooth, closely-woven, combed fabric in either 100% cotton or a 50-50 blend of cotton/polyester, usually in thread counts of 180-200.
  • Pima, Supima or Egyptian cotton, made of long fiber staple cotton, the difference is geographical, with Supima being 100% American-grown; Pima includes cotton grown in countries such as the U.S., Peru and Australia, and is named in honor of the Pima Indians, who were growing cotton in Sacaton, Arizona. Finally, Egyptian cotton is, as it’s name states, grown in Egypt, along the Nile River; however, only about 7% of it’s exports are the long staple cotton fiber, which is what gives sheets such a luxurious feel.

Now that you are a cotton expert, place your fitted sheet on top of the mattress pad, smoothing out any wrinkles. Add the flat sheet, wrong side up, so that you can fold the top down about 12-to-18 inches over your next layer of a soft blanket or coverlet. This allows you to really enjoy the softness of the top sheet, once inside the bed. Finish with a nice down-filled comforter, enclosed in a white duvet. This cover can be easily removed and laundered, allowing a perpetually fresh, white canvas to embellish with pillows. For allergy sufferers, many good hypoallergenic choices are readily available at most major stores.

Come back next time for a continuation on this topic where we will discuss organic bedding and lighting. Until then, sweet dreams and a pleasant tomorrow.

By Janice Brittain, Contributing Writer for Reveal Home Staging

Color Us Happy. The 2017 Palettes Have Been Announced

Fall and color are two words you will hear a lot at this time of year. It could not be a more appropriate time for Pantone and other leading color experts to reveal what’s next for 2017 in the way of color. And while there are differing shades and hues, most of these trend-makers have taken their cues from nature.

These palettes feature subtle, warm and earthy tones from Sherwin Williams’ Poised Taupe; or Benjamin Moore’s dusky and mysterious, 2017 color, aptly named: Mysterious; to Dunn-Edwards’ joyful and bold pick: Honey Glow; and among Pantone’s 2017 tasty color trend predictions: Kale.


What goes into choosing a color of the year? Much thought, introspection and studying of trends in design, fashion, art, and even social and pop culture movements--that’s what. Sara McLean, Color Expert at Dunn-Edwards explains that the Olympics played a significant part in their color choice, with the influence of Brazilian culture, fashion and food at the forefront. As well as, looking at complementary colors and styles, all these factors go into boiling it down to a single color: one which makes a statement, and can change a room, mood or outlook.

Benjamin Moore’s Creative Director, Ellen O’Neill describes their 2017 color, Mysterious as one that “ebbs and flows with it’s surroundings, and light brings it to life. Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal.” A definite contrast to last year’s pick, Simply White, this dramatic choice shows a trend to move away from the lighter and more neutral grays and whites to a warmer and more striking palette. And most anyone would agree nature has a pretty spectacular paint brush.

“Pantone View Home + Interiors 2017” book unveiled its color trends for the year with palettes such as “Native Instincts,” “Forest Bathing,” Raw Materials,” and “Florabundant,” to name just a few. Kale is not just for salads anymore. It is one of Pantone’s top ten colors for spring.

So where does this leave home sellers looking to create a neutral and inviting environment for prospective buyers? We recommend you continue to embrace the soft neutrals, but accessorize and accent with these beautiful color choices throughout the home. Choose a palette of three colors and allow your rooms to “pop,” simply by highlighting the room with bold and warm, nature-inspired colors and patterns.

At Reveal Home Staging we are committed to supporting and working toward maintaining and creating a better environment for ourselves and future generations. We think a really “sweet” thing to mention here is that Dunn-Edwards is celebrating it’s color of the year, by currently giving back 10% of it’s sales to the non-profit organization HoneyLove.org, which helps honey bees survive the threat of extinction. With a full immersion into the meaning of its 2017 color, Dunn-Edwards is supporting a vital resource to our planet, not just by being -- pardon the pun -- but by doing. We think that is a win-win.

By Janice Brittain, Contributing Writer for Reveal Home Staging

Fresh Paint: Worth its Weight in Gold

Fresh Coat of Paint Reveal Home Staging

You're scrolling through photos on HAR, looking for your perfect dream home. Then you see it: a red dining room wall. Your first instinct is, "Well, that's something we're going to have to change." Your second thought? "I wonder how many other things need to be updated in this home?"

When you're living in your home, big, bold paint colors can help to make a statement. They allow you to express your creativity and flair for design.

But when it's time to sell, those bold statements have got to go. Although they may perfectly reflect your style, they likely will not appeal to the majority of buyers that are shopping today.

A fresh coat of paint is typically the #1 investment you can make when preparing your home for sale. Not only does fresh paint ensure that your home will appear light, bright, and more appealing to buyers, but it will also ensure that is smells fresh.

Reveal Home Staging Fresh Coat of Paint

Never underestimate the power of smell. That fresh paint smell will make the home feel new and well-taken care of. It will also help to mask those pesky pet odors.

Paint is relatively inexpensive, and easy to apply. If you are hiring someone to paint, you can typically expect to spend between $200-$400 per room.

So what color do we recommend? Your best bet is to go neutral in every room of the home. We recommend that you select one color, and use it on every wall in the home.


Our top three paint color recommendations:

  • Sherwin Williams 6105 Divine White - a warm white that does well in both traditional and contemporary homes, especially bathrooms. If you have oil-rubbed bronze fixtures this is the way to go.
  • Sherwin Williams 7036 Accessible Beige - this is a very neutral beige, not too tan, with a hint of gray.
  • Sherwin Williams 7641 Collonade Gray - this gray has slightly warm undertones (hint of green) that goes well with almost any floor color. Best for transitional and contemporary homes.

And don't forget the ceiling! It's best to go with a flat white on your ceilings, and an oil-based satin white on your trim and crown molding.

Adding a fresh coat of paint will not only ensure that your home appeals to the wider market, it will also help you to sell faster, making your investment well worth its return.

Happy selling!

These 3 Upgrades Will Give You 150% ROI

When putting your home on the market, it's important to consider what current buyers are looking for.

We recommend that sellers consider investing 1%-3% of the asking price of their home in upgrades prior to listing. This may seem high but considering return on investment, it might be worth a look.

Here are our top three investments that are worth considering when putting your house on the market:

1. Fixture Updates. ROI: 200% absolutely necessary.

In most cases, this is non-negotiable. If you have outdated, shiny brass hardware and fixtures, these have to go. Consider updating with oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

Investment: $500 - $10,000+


2. Power Washing/Window Washing. ROI: 150%

Remove window screens, and have your windows cleaned inside and out. This will allow more light into the property and give the appearance of a well-taken care of house. It will also help in photos. Also, if the driveway and sidewalks are sparkling, it will help you stand out from the neighbors.

Investment: $350-$1500+

3. Landscaping. ROI: 175%

Your trees must be trimmed and your beds must have fresh mulch. Preferably 3" of black mulch in all beds. This will create greater contrast between your landscaping and your grass. It will also give the appearance of a well-tended to, well-taken care of house.

Investment: $800-$3500+

Vacant Home Staging Guide

At Reveal Home Staging our two main categories of services are Occupied Stagings and Vacant Stagings.

Each of these has a few different options.


With a Vacant Home staging, there are several factors and each job is custom quoted. Some factors include the square footage, value and location of the home. Each of our vacant stagings include professional photography for you to use in your listing, as well as all move in and move out expenses. We don't have any hidden fees.

Our warehouses of modern and unique furniture will put every room in the house in the best light for potential buyers. We even provide accessories for all bathrooms and the kitchen.

A staged home by Reveal Home Staging gets your house sold faster

Click here to learn more and download our quick guide. Or call us for your free quote.

Occupied Home Staging Guide


At Reveal Home Staging our two main categories of services are Occupied Stagings and Vacant Stagings.

Each of these has a few different options.

Some Occupied homes need more attention and work, and some are almost ready to go on the market and just need a consultation. No matter your need, we have you covered with our wide array of services customized to suit any situation.

Click here to learn more and download our quick guide.

The Home Seller's Preparation Checklist


Download your very own checklist by clicking here. Miss our previous blog posts about getting your home ready for the market? Be sure to click the links below.


First Things First | Making Your Home Ready For The Market

Making Your Home Ready Pt 2 | Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Making Your Home Ready Pt 2 | Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Now, it’s on to the bathrooms. Again: think fresh, clean and up-to-date. Put away your daily routine items -- no one wants to look at your toothbrush. (And do you really want anyone you don’t know having access to it???) Say no to that used bar-soap. Add fresh white towels, fresh white flowers in clean modern vases, and make sure everything is dazzlingly clean. That means a shiny tub and toilet, all mold and mildew removed from any grout or shower areas, hard water stains removed from shower doors, and mirrors cleaned. Again, clear countertop areas will reveal the potential of the space.

In the family room, hallways, bedrooms, game room, and office: take note of how many personal items you have on display. Family memories in the form of photographs and mementos are sure to grace your shelves and alcoves. But now is not the time to be sentimental. No! You must be ruthless. Begin to box-up any personal items in order to create a clear, neutral space to display a few tasteful items. You want to create an environment that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in your space, and not associate the home with someone else.


Though it is hard to remove these valuable family memories from your space, it is crucial to achieve your end goal: selling your house as fast as possible for a great price! Likewise, a room full of furniture may have served your purpose when you had a houseful of guests, but now, it’s time to re-think and pare down to a few key pieces and small groupings.

Finally, in the bedrooms and other rooms where closet space is a necessity (think pantry and even laundry room), begin to clear out unnecessary items. In fact, it is recommended that closet items be reduced by 2/3, to highlight storage capacity and create the idea of spaciousness.

Stepping out to the back yard, the same mantra as the front yard applies. Fresh, clean flower beds, or flower pots, remove the yard art, keep the grass mowed and weed-free, and if you have a privacy fence, be sure it is in nicely-maintained condition.

Now it’s time to go get the car and pull it into the garage...but wait...that’s right, you know what to do...less is more, clean it up, make it sparkle, organize it! Yes, the garage can be just as important as the rest of the home. Do not use the garage as a storage area – invest in a storage unit to temporarily store the items you have removed. You worked this hard to get the house in tip-top shape; let’s not disappoint the potential buyers by giving the impression that the house doesn’t have enough storage space for everyday living.

These tips and tricks will make the home more inviting and allow prospective buyers the opportunity to not only mentally place themselves and their possessions in the home- but more importantly- shows them just what they want to see: their future castle.

By Janice Brittain, Contributing Writer for Reveal Home Staging

First Things First | Making Your Home Ready For The Market

You have made the decision to sell. Now what? Contact a Realtor, stick a sign in the yard, and sit back and watch the prospects roll in? Not so fast. It’s time to shift your thinking a bit and see your castle from the viewpoint of prospective onlookers. It’s time to get real with yourself.

Next time you are out and returning home, don’t pull on into the garage. Come with me, park out front, across the street from your home, and let’s take a tour.

You are now a potential buyer looking at your home. What do you see?

Here is what the majority of buyers hope to see – a nicely manicured front yard: weeds pulled, yard art removed, a couple of nice flower pots with cheerful welcoming flowers, plantings mulched, shrubs trimmed, a front walk free of weeds or stains, clean windows, a nice front door that shows no signs of weathering, a fresh welcome mat, and a doorbell that works.

Let’s go inside. What is your first impression? What do you see and smell? Believe it or not, this can make or break a sale. Does the Eau Du Fido immediately greet you before he or she does? Can you tell what culinary delight you enjoyed for dinner last night upon entering? Is the entry clean and free of clutter or dust-collecting items?

Cabinets Before and After Home Staging

Fresh and clean is the go-to mantra for everything you do here-on-out, which means removing cobwebs from hard to reach areas, cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures, dusting all surfaces with a good, natural cleaning product. Laundering all pet beds and cleaning all pet areas is a must. Cleaning or removing carpets or rugs which hold lingering odors, and vacuuming dusty drapes or window treatments will remove any stale, stuffy scents. Freshen comforters or duvet covers by laundering or replacing, and pare down the throw pillows to just a few, neatly-placed in highlighted areas.

Let’s continue to take the tour of your home room-by-room. Note anything that is broken or in need of updating, such as red walls in your formal dining room, shiny, bright, brass fixtures and cabinet hardware, or dated wallpaper. Be very observant – really look hard for things like wall or window cracks, grimy electrical/light-switch faceplates, or features in the home that no longer operate correctly.

In the kitchen, clear the countertops of appliances such as the food processor, coffee grinder, or juicer. The clearer the surfaces, the more you showcase what a great workspace your kitchen has to offer. Make each surface sparkle – that means scouring the oven, microwave and refrigerator. Remove hard water stains from the dishwasher, and clean tile grout and cabinet fronts. Organize the insides of cabinets and drawers and box up most of the extras, leaving only the essentials to highlight the amount space available.

Next time: Part 2 Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

By Janice Brittain, Contributing Writer for Reveal Home Staging

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