Fresh Paint: Worth its Weight in Gold

Fresh Coat of Paint Reveal Home Staging

You're scrolling through photos on HAR, looking for your perfect dream home. Then you see it: a red dining room wall. Your first instinct is, "Well, that's something we're going to have to change." Your second thought? "I wonder how many other things need to be updated in this home?"

When you're living in your home, big, bold paint colors can help to make a statement. They allow you to express your creativity and flair for design.

But when it's time to sell, those bold statements have got to go. Although they may perfectly reflect your style, they likely will not appeal to the majority of buyers that are shopping today.

A fresh coat of paint is typically the #1 investment you can make when preparing your home for sale. Not only does fresh paint ensure that your home will appear light, bright, and more appealing to buyers, but it will also ensure that is smells fresh.

Reveal Home Staging Fresh Coat of Paint

Never underestimate the power of smell. That fresh paint smell will make the home feel new and well-taken care of. It will also help to mask those pesky pet odors.

Paint is relatively inexpensive, and easy to apply. If you are hiring someone to paint, you can typically expect to spend between $200-$400 per room.

So what color do we recommend? Your best bet is to go neutral in every room of the home. We recommend that you select one color, and use it on every wall in the home.


Our top three paint color recommendations:

  • Sherwin Williams 6105 Divine White - a warm white that does well in both traditional and contemporary homes, especially bathrooms. If you have oil-rubbed bronze fixtures this is the way to go.
  • Sherwin Williams 7036 Accessible Beige - this is a very neutral beige, not too tan, with a hint of gray.
  • Sherwin Williams 7641 Collonade Gray - this gray has slightly warm undertones (hint of green) that goes well with almost any floor color. Best for transitional and contemporary homes.

And don't forget the ceiling! It's best to go with a flat white on your ceilings, and an oil-based satin white on your trim and crown molding.

Adding a fresh coat of paint will not only ensure that your home appeals to the wider market, it will also help you to sell faster, making your investment well worth its return.

Happy selling!