Making Your Home Ready Pt 2 | Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Now, it’s on to the bathrooms. Again: think fresh, clean and up-to-date. Put away your daily routine items -- no one wants to look at your toothbrush. (And do you really want anyone you don’t know having access to it???) Say no to that used bar-soap. Add fresh white towels, fresh white flowers in clean modern vases, and make sure everything is dazzlingly clean. That means a shiny tub and toilet, all mold and mildew removed from any grout or shower areas, hard water stains removed from shower doors, and mirrors cleaned. Again, clear countertop areas will reveal the potential of the space.

In the family room, hallways, bedrooms, game room, and office: take note of how many personal items you have on display. Family memories in the form of photographs and mementos are sure to grace your shelves and alcoves. But now is not the time to be sentimental. No! You must be ruthless. Begin to box-up any personal items in order to create a clear, neutral space to display a few tasteful items. You want to create an environment that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in your space, and not associate the home with someone else.


Though it is hard to remove these valuable family memories from your space, it is crucial to achieve your end goal: selling your house as fast as possible for a great price! Likewise, a room full of furniture may have served your purpose when you had a houseful of guests, but now, it’s time to re-think and pare down to a few key pieces and small groupings.

Finally, in the bedrooms and other rooms where closet space is a necessity (think pantry and even laundry room), begin to clear out unnecessary items. In fact, it is recommended that closet items be reduced by 2/3, to highlight storage capacity and create the idea of spaciousness.

Stepping out to the back yard, the same mantra as the front yard applies. Fresh, clean flower beds, or flower pots, remove the yard art, keep the grass mowed and weed-free, and if you have a privacy fence, be sure it is in nicely-maintained condition.

Now it’s time to go get the car and pull it into the garage...but wait...that’s right, you know what to do...less is more, clean it up, make it sparkle, organize it! Yes, the garage can be just as important as the rest of the home. Do not use the garage as a storage area – invest in a storage unit to temporarily store the items you have removed. You worked this hard to get the house in tip-top shape; let’s not disappoint the potential buyers by giving the impression that the house doesn’t have enough storage space for everyday living.

These tips and tricks will make the home more inviting and allow prospective buyers the opportunity to not only mentally place themselves and their possessions in the home- but more importantly- shows them just what they want to see: their future castle.

By Janice Brittain, Contributing Writer for Reveal Home Staging